Link to ikeahackers on a neat decoupage project using old comic books; which I have up my sleeve for our tv trays.

I should be so lucky to get them looking that good.

Not sure why but had these on my head this morning…

Durutti Column – Sketch for Summer

New Order – Here to stay

Actually I do know why, just caught some of 24-hour party people a couple nights ago, and was totally absorbed into the Madchester scene.

24 hour party people

As a kid I absolutely loved┬áloved┬áloved Tom & Jerry. I loved the early Hanna Barbera and Chuck Jones vintages the most. The arms race that takes place in Guided Mouse-ille is classic T&J, and oddly pre-disposed me to understand learning about history in the 50s and 60s with the real-world counterparts of the nuclear arms race. So, yeah cartoons can be educational! As a kid, though, I could not for the life of me understand the ending. I’m sad to say, it makes all too much sense to me now.


I think I want to start keeping track of entertaining cartoons and movie clips; and this is as good of a place as any. Watched this this morning and it’s a doozie. A Cher music video in cartoon form; I’m guessing from the Sonny & Cher variety show. It actually seems a little dark for a family variety hour, but hey, a kid’s gotta learn about crimes of the heart from somewhere. Why not Cher?





You will be missed.


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