Holy crap. It takes a couple minutes to get into, but cripes… what a trainwreck.  Also beautiful is the mashup that takes place in the middle of the song.  Just watch.

This has been gnawing away at me for some time.  One of those olde timey cartoons that probably gave me my appreciation of classical music.

The cartoon – Woody Woodpecker – Convict concerto

The music – Franz Lizst’s Hungarian Rhapsody.

“Psst… The dough.  the dough!”

Bonus: Little Rural Ridinghood


Bonus, there’s a link of creative commons images.

I almost never look at spam in my inbox, but for whatever reason, this subject line for “enhancement” caught my eye. It’s almost a Haiku. I suppose the “to” starting out the third line could be removed, and it would totally work.

tiny dimension

is your hidden shame, no need

to worry, we’ll help you!

This is pretty neet. Some polish guys in a reggae inspired bollywood-style video. I was initially hopeful this was a product of inter-cultural exchange here in Chicago given the large population of both Poles and Indians. Alas no, looks like Masala Soundsystem hails from Warsaw.

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