Right, so I’m about 70 years late on reporting this one; but I never realized he actually spoke in his movies. And what a soliloquy!  Truer words were never spoken.

James (nee Jim) and the Mozzer

last time i went to a hipster party in silver lake
i mocked a furry
until he left
but i guess it was his party

Suffice it to say the last 2.5 months have been a bit stressful. It’s been a roller coaster navigating the rehab facilities and the multiple wards of the hospital; but I think things are finally coming around now, and Mom is on her way to recovery.

As one could imagine, I haven’t been a bundle of laughs lately, but I got this text message that just hit the spot and made me smile.

“Phil Colins, Philip Bailey and the theme to the Banana Splits. That’s why we are friends.”
– St. Shasta of the 7 Dancing Pandas, on listening to the iPod shuffle I forgot a couple of weeks ago, and she rescued for me.

A coworker just gave me this gem:

Andrew (9:08 AM) – music is the memory of destiny (a great man once said)
Pat (9:08 AM) – who was that?
Andrew Hill (9:09 AM) – me

Go figure. But it is quite an evocative phrase, so I figured I’d record it for posterity.