Not sure why but had these on my head this morning…

Durutti Column – Sketch for Summer

New Order – Here to stay

Actually I do know why, just caught some of 24-hour party people a couple nights ago, and was totally absorbed into the Madchester scene.

24 hour party people

You will be missed.


Right, so I’m about 70 years late on reporting this one; but I never realized he actually spoke in his movies. And what a soliloquy!  Truer words were never spoken.

2.5 stars

I was pretty distracted throughout the movie by all of the cutesy little homages to past movies. Ark cameo? Check. Loving homages to Sean Connery and Denholm Elliott? Check. Previous love interest? Check.  Fleeting  homage to American Graffiti? Probably. The story was pretty straight forward, the communists not really menacing, the FBI was acting thuggish.

For me it really all boiled down to John Hurt.  Really, no John Hurt cameo can ever be as good as this one from Spaceballs.  I think everything else from the movie would’ve been forgiven if they could’ve written in John Hurt saying “Oh no… Not again!” into the movie somewhere.


Solid. Absolutely stunning art design. The colors were amazing. Story is what you’d expect from a cartoon crossover. Casting was totally appropriate. Just wish there was a little more fanfare with the themesong.

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