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So, I took this during the Glenwood Arts fest in Rogers Park. Did I bother to take pictures of the actual fest? No. Go figure.

Well, that’s to imply i go karaokeing all the time. If only. Went last night to the Hidden Cove Lounge on Lincoln just north of Foster in my old hood. For years, i’d driven passed wondering what the place was like with it’s blinking lights on the sign, and darkish velvety curtains on the windows. Pretty amazing. Interesting mix of neighborhood locals, hipsters, and whoever else feels like a karaoke. The drinks were cheapish, and the fried bar food was deee-lish; i might just go back for the french fries. The Hidden Cove’s karaoke selection is eclectic pop/country/standards. One disappointment; all of the Hall & Oates that was listed apparently wasn’t available. Egads.

In all, had a fun time. Am gonna have to bring a camera and take pictures next tme.

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