Day 1 of my immersion in the gamer lifestyle.

While I have participated in geeky pursuits before such as Doctor Who conventions and big sci fi movie opening nights (just flashed back to that night in Celebration, FL to see the premier of Star Trek: First Contact).

Dungeons and Dragons though was something I never really dove into all that deeply. I think it’s the prevalence of math… and a butt load of details to remember.  What armor are you wearing, what are the charactaristics of your class (cleric in my case today), what random tokens are you carrying around with you that can help you defeat the MacGuffin that is standing before you.  And you have to slide your pog-like tokens across a board; somewhat shuffleboard style to see how you fair against the evil MacGuffin.

I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far. It helps that I’ve come with a real good bunch of guys, but I do have to admit there have been moments during a campaign where a dice is rolled, and I have no idea what just happened; and how I should be reacting.  Don’t ask me too much; since I’m still trying to keep all the mnemonics in my head about the rosary-like beads I have to memorize to fulfill my clericly duty.

Ideally, I signed on for this trip to get away; and that has definitely been fulfilled. I haven’t been very troubled thinking of work or home; which is much appreciated.  We’ll see how I can keep things together tomorrow.

Yours in this other realm;

Kazimer of the Brotherhood of the sacred Toffifay

Update: Pictures here.  Though for such a fantasical experience, it wasn’t quite as photogenic as one would hope.