Scoodleywah.  Noun. Verb. Adjective.

Sort of a filler.  Sounds better than saying “ummm”

“So I was looking for that atomic er, scoodleywah thingie.”

“Oh yeah, I saw you and Philomena scoodleywah off to the mall yesterday.”

“Oh, that music is so hep, it’s pretty scoodleywah.”

So there, you get the idea.  Could you explain it to me please?

Me? I’m a thirtysomething ne’er-do-well that has airs of writing things, photographing other things, and sometimes even drawing yet other things.  I’ve been known to decorate the things we know as cakes; but that’s a story for another day.   I just silently died a little when i used the term thirtysomething to describe myself.