I remember hearing this story on the radio at least 10 years ago, and was glad to see a link to the couple on kottke.org.  Haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but plan to go back and read it.

Day 1 of my immersion in the gamer lifestyle.

While I have participated in geeky pursuits before such as Doctor Who conventions and big sci fi movie opening nights (just flashed back to that night in Celebration, FL to see the premier of Star Trek: First Contact).

Dungeons and Dragons though was something I never really dove into all that deeply. I think it’s the prevalence of math… and a butt load of details to remember.  What armor are you wearing, what are the charactaristics of your class (cleric in my case today), what random tokens are you carrying around with you that can help you defeat the MacGuffin that is standing before you.  And you have to slide your pog-like tokens across a board; somewhat shuffleboard style to see how you fair against the evil MacGuffin.

I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far. It helps that I’ve come with a real good bunch of guys, but I do have to admit there have been moments during a campaign where a dice is rolled, and I have no idea what just happened; and how I should be reacting.  Don’t ask me too much; since I’m still trying to keep all the mnemonics in my head about the rosary-like beads I have to memorize to fulfill my clericly duty.

Ideally, I signed on for this trip to get away; and that has definitely been fulfilled. I haven’t been very troubled thinking of work or home; which is much appreciated.  We’ll see how I can keep things together tomorrow.

Yours in this other realm;

Kazimer of the Brotherhood of the sacred Toffifay

Update: Pictures here.  Though for such a fantasical experience, it wasn’t quite as photogenic as one would hope.

So Every other monday night I hang with a posse that gets together at a coffee shop to work on all of our creative endeavors. We call the writing group the Carriage Returns; it’s sort of a bit of typewriter geekery; added to the overall pun of thinking of a horse and carriage coming home. Kinda dorky; i just threw it out there; but it sort of stuck. It was either that or Super Cool Writing-o-rama. It’s really a toss up.

There’s usually a portion for chit-chat, a portion for eating crepes, and then the relative quiet of working; and by quiet, that usually entails everyone plugging into ipods to drown out the awful world music that gets played on a loop (i’m not kidding; i nearly had a panic attack having forgotten my headphones for the evening; thankfully i had a pair of earbuds stashed away in the inner lining of my bag. Praise Jebus.

One of my favorite parts of Carriage Returns nights though are the obligitory IMing that happens across the table.

A typical interchange:

ME: i need a french dip or a parm-encrusted steak.
ME: right now.
K: Holy shit. I was thinking of those two very things while we were walking here.
ME: well i probably need a couple weeks to recover from the steak
ME: but french dip is good any time
K: meeeeeeeeat
ME: i got a black bean burger at tweet yesterday… which was really good… but apparently didn’t address my bloodlust.
K: rawrr
ME: i’d make a bad vegetarian.
ME: do you want another tea?
K: Kinda.
[lights dim]
K: Hey, it just got seXXXy
ME: are they closing or do they want us all to make out.

I am getting a bit of journalling done today; and that’s nice. I feel like my brain is set to overload; and it’s just nice to unload some of the baggage. I think I worry sometimes, that I keep writing the same thing over and over; but really for a journal that’s probably a good thing – get it out of my system. Largely I just wanted to capture that interchange; it somehow lightened my mental load a ton tonight.

Listening to: Polyphonic Spree, Go Team!, and some early Blur. Let’s hear it for audio motivation.

Right, so I’m about 70 years late on reporting this one; but I never realized he actually spoke in his movies. And what a soliloquy!  Truer words were never spoken.

There are days that I love Robot Chicken and days that I can take or leave it.  This, my friends, is a day of love for the stop animation action figures.

It’s as though Puccini wrote Star Trek II: The wrath of Khan. Fantabulous.

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